I'm Duncan. I'm an ordinary TFOL* (Teen Fan Of LEGO) who decided to share his obsession of LEGO with the world via this blog.

It' s run by me, I write all the posts and all the MOCs I feature I built. My editor is my Dad, who makes sure I don't type any typos. I write a bunch for the blog and spend a little too much time writing on it. See more about me here.

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You can also see my Brickset account which has my entire collection. Brickset is my preferred LEGO reference site.

My brother has also started to contribute to my blog as well, so you can look out for some of his posts. He goes by the alias TheBrickGryffon, since my parents won't let him use his real name.

*TFOL= Child still avoiding the Dark Ages of LEGO.