Monday, March 28, 2016

LEGO Bionicle B.A.G.E.D.MOC

Hey guys! Today I have built a LEGO Bionicle MOC.

I named it B.A.G.E.D.. It stands for Big Awesome Giant Evil Dude. B.A.G.E.D not bagged :).
Anyway, I decided to build a dude kind of like Skull WarriorKulta and Umarak the Hunter.
So, I came up with him.

I made his legs really thick, and I detailed both sides of the MOC.

I know the skeletal rib cage element is to make the figure look thin, but I tried to make him as full as possible.

I also lack a proper non-undead torso.

The arms are a little long for the body size, but I did that for pose-ability.

Here's a look at what's underneath the armoring.

I also went to extra effort to cover the back.

I also made a giant bow for the guy, which looks sweet.

The only issue is the inability to move the legs forward and back.

Well, that is just about it for my MOC. It would be appreciated if you post suggestions to make my MOCs better down in the comments.

Well, thanks for reading!